Authentic Handcrafted Navajo 30 Strand Coral Necklace

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This gorgeous 30 strand necklace was handcrafted by a Navajo artist using genuine coral beads. The necklace is approximately 32" L with each strand being approximately 1/8" W. It is a stunning piece on its own, but would go well with accompanying pieces. 

Coral is a natural occurring plant used in many different jewelry designs. It is easy to work with and comes in varies colors such as red, pink, orange and even black and brown. Many areas around the world have used coral in jewelry making, and inland cultures are even known for trading coral for other varies commodities. It it most commonly used in inlay pieces to add a pop of color, and pairs well with turquoise, black jet, and mother of pearl. 

Photography: To ensure the item looks as realistic as possible and the full essence of the item is captured, all pictures are taken in natural light without the use of editing or photoshop.