Handcrafted Authentic Navajo Sterling Silver Bear Paw Ring; Sz. 10.5

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This unique sterling silver ring features a lovely intricate overlay bear paw design and was handcrafted by Navajo artist C. Peters. The ring is approximately  0.75" L x 0.5" W. The band is approximately 0.75" at its widest point and tapers down to 0.25" W. This ring is stamped and signed by the artist. 

The style of overlay jewelry was first practiced by the Hopi people of New Mexico. There are two layers; The top layer is a cut out design that is soldered to a layer of silver which shows through the cut out areas. The bottom layer is then textured and darken to create contrast within the piece, then the rest is polished for a shiny finish. Some artists tend to stick to more traditional designs for overlay work whereas others use more modern designs to make their pieces just a little bit more unique. 

Photography: To ensure the item looks as realistic as possible and the full essence of the item is captured, all pictures are taken in natural light without the use of editing or photoshop.