Authentic Navajo Handcrafted Sterling Silver Longhorn Ring; Sz. 8

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This is a bold statement ring!! This sandcast sterling silver longhorn ring was handcrafted by Navajo artist Kevin Billah. It is approximately 1.25" L and the horn span is approximately 3.25" W. The band of the ring is approximately 0.75" W, features stamped designs and fits a size 8 finger. This ring is signed by the artist and stamped. 

Creating sandcast jewelry is an extensive process that can take up to three days just for one finished product. It was originally done using sandstone, where the stone was cut in half and ground down until smooth. The design is etched into the stone, and then a cone shaped channel is created so when the pieces of stone are put back together, the silver can be poured into the mold. Vents do have to be carved which allows air to escape to prevent the piece from being ruined. After this the piece is allowed to dry, when removed from the mold the artist finishes the piece by buffing, filing, soldering and setting stones if the piece requires them. 

Photography: To ensure the item looks as realistic as possible and the full essence of the item is captured, all pictures are taken in natural light without the use of editing or photoshop.