About Us

In 1981 we started business at this location with handwoven rugs hanging on a chain link fence that had been there for 30 years.  People stopped to buy our rugs so we built a small building to keep our rug stock in. We no longer needed to use our living room as a stock room.  As business improved we added on to the store, one room at a time.  A couple years later we moved out of the house and the size of our store more than doubled.  Tularosa has been very good to us.  We'd like to thank the thousands of highway travelers and the local people for supporting us all these years.

Our Pricing Policy: Minimum mark ups.

We purchase our merchandise direct from the crafts person whenever possible.  Our Native American jewelry, our Zapotec rugs, our Indian rugs, our Metal Art Wall Sculptures, our Ken Edwards pottery, and more are purchased direct from the maker.  Our direct buying and our larger quantity buying gives us a price advantage of 20 to 50% over our competitors.  We are very strict about our policy of minimum markups.  We always pass on our savings to our customers.  Our marked prices and our advertised prices are the lowest possible prices that we can sell the product for, and still remain in business.   We have been a low price leader in our category for over 30 years.  We always invite price comparison as well as quality comparison.  We strive to have the best quality at the best price, a policy that has driven our success over the last 30 plus years.