Authentic Navajo Handcrafted Large Sterling Silver Turquoise Chunk Pendent

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This beautiful sterling silver pendent with a large Morenci turquoise chunk as the center piece was handcrafted by Navajo artist RLB. The pendent is approximately 3.25" L x 1.75" W with the chunk of Morenci Turquoise measuring at approximately 1.5" L x 1" W. The stone is set into a sterling silver saw tooth bezel, and is adorned with sterling silver twisted roped, stamping and scalloping designs. The bail will fit a necklace that is approximately 0.25" W. This pendent is signed by the artist and stamped.

Morenci turquoise is one of the most well known and famous kinds of turquoise, which comes from the Morenci mine located in Southern Arizona. This mine is known for its beautiful blue turquoise that contains Pyrite matrix, which gives the stone a lovely silver shimmer. 

Photography: To ensure the item looks as realistic as possible and the full essence of the item is captured, all pictures are taken in natural light without the use of editing or photoshop.